Innovative 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 multi-generational home designs that grow with your family’s needs

House designs that incorporate a granny flat to enable multi-generational living are a growing trend in today's society. These homes designs enable families to have the security of being near loved ones without having to compromise on space or privacy.

At ANSA Homes we are passionate about creating industry-leading home designs that allow families of all shapes and sizes the flexibility and space to enjoy multi-generational living. Our award-winning house & granny flat designs are innovative in their use of space and work within both single storey and double storey homes.

House & granny flat home designs are also a smart solution for those looking to knock down and rebuild. A multi-generational living solution allows you to plan for the future growth of your family and increases the value of your home. Imagine being able to earn a rental income on your granny flat to reduce your home mortgage, while securing your future to downsize or bring an aging family member to live close to you through our extended family house designs.


House and Granny Flat house designs from a Sydney builder

Whether you are looking for a single storey home or a double storey home, ANSA homes have the modern attached house and granny flat designs that enable you to live the way you want to live. With the ability to customise your new home design, you’ll get your new home just the way you like it.

  • New Design

    Bayview 33/ + Granny Flat




    Total Size: 309.16m2 / 33sq
  • Amy 31/ +Granny Flat




    Frontage: 12.0m
    Total Size: 297.09m2 / 32sq
  • Lellah 33/ +Granny Flat




    Frontage: 14.05m
    Total Size: 301.16m2 / 32.56sq

The Lellah: Granny Flat Option

The Lellah by ANSA Homes is a true innovation in home design and a popular choice for home buyers looking for a design suited to multi-generational living.  The double storey Lellah is the perfect choice for larger, growing families. This unique design gives every member of your extended family a place of their own, while also providing spacious, open-plan areas large enough for getting everyone together when needed.

Multigenerational Living: Adapting to the needs of you and your family

Watch our Managing Director and Master Builder, Mark Maloney on Best Houses Australia, discussing the innovation behind our custom build, award-winning, modern house and granny flat house designs.

Could a house and granny flat be right for you?

Today, Australians are living differently than in times past. Families are increasingly seeking multi-generational living options and are turning to house and granny flat designs as the ideal fit for their modern Australian family or the ideal solution as they look to future proof their living situation. Offering a variety of living configurations, with a design from ANSA Homes, you can live like a family – with ALL of your family – under one roof. You’ll be together with also enjoying privacy as needed. Ageing family members can be close to essential family care, while younger family members can sample independence while saving for their own home.
  •   Investment Potential
  •   Future Proof
  •   Older Generations
  •   Complex family needs

ANSA Homes: Certainty for new home buyers in Sydney

ANSA Homes is a family owned home builder business with a specialisation in building house and granny flats in the Greater Sydney region. When you choose ANSA for your house and granny flat home design and build, our commitment to you is certainty throughout your journey and process of building your home. Speak to a team member today to start the process of building your dream home.
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