Innovative and creative narrow block designs tailored to suit your lifestyle needs.

Designing a home to suit a narrow block can be challenging and requires innovative and creative thinking from you and your home builder. And with the growth in new home estates in Sydney we are seeing a trend towards the release of narrow blocks.

A narrow block is typically defined as having a frontage of less than 13 metres. Knowing the council regulations and other living conditions is a key element when designing a home to suit a narrow block. For example, blocks with less than a 12.5m frontage, you can build right to the boundary line.

Other considerations that can influence the design of a narrow block home include:
Back of house access, Location of utility services, Position of air-conditioning units, Position of water tanks

A narrow block does not necessarily mean a small home either. And, when you build with ANSA Homes you can be assured that our designs do not compromise on space or functionality. Our intelligently designed single storey and double storey narrow block homes can work on flat or sloping, long or short land.

ANSA Homes does not take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to narrow blocks, and we will work with you to help define your needs and match those with a creative design. Our aim is to deliver a design that is right for your block while creating a home that meets your lifestyle needs.


Smart narrow block house designs in Sydney

At ANSA Homes we have innovative narrow block house designs for blocks with frontages of less than 9 metres, right up to blocks with frontages of just under 13 metres. All of our intelligent narrow block house designs are two storey houses, can be customised where needed, and most can be built on flat or sloping blocks as well as long or short blocks.

  • Killara Austinmer Façade
    On Display Box Hill

    Killara 33/36/38/42




    Frontage: 12.20m
    Total Size: 308.81m2 / 33.4sq
  • seabrook_hamptons_facade_1084x610px
    On Display Box Hill

    Seabrook 36/38/40/42/46




    Frontage: 15m
    Total Size: 424.84m2 / 46sq
  • Double Storey Brooklyn Austinmer Design
    On Display Marsden Park

    Brooklyn 32




    Frontage: 11.92m
    Total Size: 297.02m2 / 31.97sq
  • Amy 31/ +Granny Flat




    Frontage: 12.0m
    Total Size: 297.09m2 / 32sq
  • Austinmer Calypso
  • Industry Sanford
  • Heritage Sanford
  • Austinmer Vega

10m narrow block house designs

According to search statistics, 10m narrow block house designs are the most popular with home buyers looking to build a great house on a narrow block of land in Sydney.

13m narrow block house designs

The largest narrow block house designs require frontages stretching to 13m, giving home buyers more floor space to play with.
  • Front view of modern design double storey industry facade pollux 39
  • Boston Single Storey Home Design
  • Double Storey Brooklyn Austinmer Design
  • Industry Brookvale
  • Industry Cleo
  • Austinmer Halley
  • Austinmer Hunter
  • killara_austinmer
  • Austinmere Leo

Things to consider for narrow block house designs in Sydney

Building a narrow block house in Sydney requires careful consideration in a number of key areas that don’t require as much attention in the planning phase for larger blocks. Choosing an experienced builder that understands your local council regulations and other site specific requirements is critical when designing a home to suit a narrow block. For example, if your narrow block has a frontage of less than 12.5m, then you are permitted to build right to the boundary line. When you discuss your narrow block of land with a builder, ensure that the following four considerations are part of the conversation, as each requires special attention when designing and building on a narrow block:
  • Back of house access.
  • Location of utility services.
  • Position of air-conditioning units.
  • Position of water tanks.

ANSA Homes: Certainty for new home buyers in Sydney

ANSA Homes is a specialist home builder and family owned business with strong family values. Certainty underpins our approach to relationships, building and customer service. When you choose ANSA for your narrow block home design and build, our commitment to you is certainty in every single aspect of the design and process of building your home. Get in touch today to get started.
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