GREAT LOCATION, “average house” – Ever said that?

A knock-down rebuild is a great option for keeping what you like and replacing what you don’t. Although becoming more popular amongst homeowners; the questions remain.

What are the risks associated with knock-down rebuilds? What is the cost of a knock-down rebuild? How long does a knock-down rebuild take? The good news is, with ANSA, we understand. Hey, it’s a big deal! That’s why certainty and transparency throughout the process are paramount for us. We want to answer any of your questions.

What is the cost of a knock-down rebuild?

We take the time upfront to know exactly what you need. We then set up the tender based on your unique requirements. Our processes are communicated up-front, giving you an understanding of how long you will need to be out of your house (and when you can move back into your new one!).

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I’m worried about the unknowns of a knock-down rebuild?

It is your choice. But there are benefits of a knock-down rebuild that should be considered. Stating the obvious, a knock-down rebuild is completely new. New builds are generally easier to maintain. They come with structural warrianties, new wiring, new plumbing, and assurances of compliance to new building codes too. This all impacts the value of your home.

Is it better to renovate or knock-down rebuild?

Our costs vary but with ANSA there are no hidden costs whatsoever. Our costs are all laid out for you upfront so breathe, there will be no curveballs with us.

Realise your dream home,
just the way you like it

At ANSA Homes, as a boutique builder in the Sydney area we are able to provide the design flexibility that you need to ensure your home is just the way you want it, and large enough for you to take advantage of the building efficiencies that larger builders can employ. The outcome? You get the opportunity to personalise and customise your new home without the costs typically associated with custom building.

We believe in bringing you quality inclusions as standard as we feel that your new home should include everything you imagined. We believe in offering complete home packages so that every customer knows what they are paying for upfront. It’s our way of providing you with certainty for your new build.


Experts in knockdown rebuilds

Undertaking a knock down rebuild project is an exciting journey towards realising your dream home. But the knock down rebuild journey can also be stressful if you don’t partner with a builder that boasts a proven track record in successfully delivering knock down and rebuild projects.

ANSA Homes has the design, building expertise and experience to successfully deliver your dream home just the way you like it via a knock down rebuild project. We will work with you to personalise the design you like until it matches your precise vision for your new home. This may even include adjusting the design to suit existing complex blocks of land. Our expert KDR building team will take you on the knock down rebuild journey that will result in the home you desire.

Your knock down rebuild guide

There are a number of things you need to consider before undertaking a knock down rebuild project and we encourage you to do your research before you dive in.

To provide you with certainty and understanding in the knock down rebuild process, our team have developed a detailed Knock Down Rebuild Guide based on our most frequently asked questions and important topics.

We hope you find this booklet useful. And remember, we’re just a phone call away if you need help.

Call us on 1300 757 810 and our knock down rebuild specialists can answer any questions you may have.

Download our inclusions brochure today.

The ANSA Certainty Promise

As a locally-based family owned business, our values of honesty, integrity and certainty underpin the ANSA Homes approach to relationships, homebuilding and customer service.

When you build with ANSA, the lines are never blurred. Our commitment to you is certainty in every single aspect of the design and process of building your home.

Certainty of

Certainty of Price

When you build with ANSA Homes you enjoy peace of mind knowing that the price quoted up front is the end price you will pay – without exception. Our quoting process has been meticulously designed to provide 100 per cent transparency. We are so confident and thorough in our processes that we can provide a final price up front.

Certainty of Process

Our well-structured, industry proven approach to home building enables us to build customer-centric processes into every project. We deliver complete transparency throughout the building of your new home, from timeline to costs to construction and inspection. When you build with ANSA, you are choosing to be in control.

Certainty of Design

Our innovative home designs focused on multi-generational living have been recognised with multiple awards from the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association. But what truly gives us a sense of pride is being able to design a house that works for your family and for future generations.

Certainty of Service

At ANSA Homes we take the time to truly know you, which enables us to envision and design the home you want to live in. With ANSA, you are a name, not a number. When you build with us, everyone in our office knows your name and we will always be reachable, as our first priority and first promise to you is consummate customer service.

Certainty of Expertise

Our expert team are well-versed in industry trends, best practice design principals, and local zoning and development planning requirements. We will be there to guide you through every step of the home building journey, from sales, operations and construction through to handover and maintenance.



1 : Do your research

  • Understand the limitations of your block of land
  • Consult your local council regarding any building regulations
  • Review the Title documents for your land
  • Obtain your mandatory Section 10.7 Certificate


2 : Choose Your Home

  • Choose the new ANSA Home and facade that you love
  • Get certainty about costs up front
  • Discuss any variations or inclusions

3 : The Tender Process

  • Request your tender by paying the tender request fee to secure your pricing
  • Carry out site inspection and preliminary soil test and survey
  • Prepare any final design amends and inclusions
  • Start process for loan pre-approvals
  • Attend tender presentation and sign off all plans and Final Price First tender
  • Pay tender acceptance fee

4 : Personalise Your Home

  • Sign off permit plans for submission (no further plan changes permitted) and pay plan approval fee
  • Select exterior colours
  • Interior home selections meeting and decisions
  • Developer approval obtained and structural engineering complete
  • Plan lodged with consent authority

5 : Approvals and Building Agreement

  • Approvals received and HIA building contract signed
  • Construction plans and tender signed
  • Lender issues Letter of Authority to commence construction
2 constructors looking at the blueprint with 2 safety helmets on the desk

6 : Demolition

  • Organise demolition of your existing home (ANSA Homes can recommend a proven demolition specialist if required)
  • Make sure you've arranged for your gas and electricity to be disconnected before demolition commences

7 : Your Home Construction Begins

  • With your paperwork now approved and your site now read the building of your new home can commence.
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